Stir Fry Sichuan Cai with Minced Pork

Stir fry Sichuan cai with minced pork

Stir Fry Sichuan Cai with Minced Pork

My Mother came by the other day with Minced Pork for my Son who hasn’t been feeling very well since the beginning of the new year. She said minced meat cooked with porridge would improve his appetite and help him recover faster.

Now before you zip off to google the medicinal benefits of minced pork, please, get a hold of yourself. It is just minced pork.

I decided that it was far more practical to make a dish out of the minced meat rather than put it all into his porridge. For all you know he might take one look and scoff at it for reasons unknown and we would have wasted good minced pork.

Good thing wifey bought Sichuan Cai aka SiChuan Vegetables in easy to cook convenient packaging. NTUC sells it in packs of 6 sachets. And I decided to cook another all time childhood favourite Sichuan Cai with Minced Pork.

These 2-3 ingredient dishes are simple to prepare, singular in flavour, and uncomplicated in taste.


Sichuan Cai (aka SiChuan Vegetables. Apparently it came from Sichuan and it prepared in chilli powder to give it that spicy kick. They not offer it in spicy and non-spicy sachets, pretty good for kids)

Minced Pork (about 100-150 grams will do.)

Old Garlic (sliced thinly for best flavour. Easier to cook also via the tilted wok technique, 3 cloves would do fine)


1. Sliced the garlic first, thinly for maximum effect. Then deep fry the garlic slices in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil using the tilted wok technique. If you are wondering what is this tilted wok technique, I wrote about it in my recipe Stir Fry Ladies Fingers.

2. Immediately add the minced pork, un-marinated, and start frying over low fire just to get the minced to cook slowly.

3. Once minced starts to turn slightly white from pink, add the sachet of Sichuan Cai and continue to stir fry. The saltiness of the vegetables would be sufficient for this dish and no additional seasoning is required.

Once cooked, you can have it with plain porridge. Easy.

Bon Appetit!