Eat Out Better

Eat Out Better

These days I haven’t had the inspiration to cook, partly because by the time I get back, it is already that kind of timing. Fighting rush hour, fighting time, fighting other rush hour commuters fighting you. 

By the time I am back I have no time to ponder and consider what I need or want to cook for the night. No time for Creative inspired ideas. It’s straight into the OR (operating room) and start washing, chopping, cutting and drying the ingredients. 

So I thought I should plan my menu way ahead, separate the Creative process and give it the space that it needs. Plan simple; cook simple and maybe in the process save some money. 

Here goes:



Dishes: abc soup, tua cai & snapper

Ingredients: 1 x corn, 1 x carrot, 2 medium tomatoes, 250 grams ribs, 1 x tua cai, garlic, dried shrimps, 1 x snapper, ginger, chicken stock, leeks, onions, chinese sausages, hakka wine


Dishes: kiam chye duck soup, minced pork with sichuan veg, fried egg with scallops

Ingredients: half a duck, tomatoes, preserved plums, kiam chye, 3 x tomatoes, ginger, garlic, minced pork, sichuan veg, eggs, chinese scallops


Dishes: stir fry frogs, sautéed mushrooms, celery & minced pork, prawns in tomato sauce

Ingredients: 2 x frogs, spring onions, ginger, oyster sauce, sesame seed oil, cornstarch, button mushrooms, minced pork, Australian celery, large prawns, tomato ketchup, garlic

Shopping list:

1 x corn

1 x carrot

5 x tomatoes

250 grams pork ribs

Half a duck

500 grams kiam chye 

Preserved plums 

500 grams ginger

500 grams garlic

Tomato ketchup 

$5 minced pork

Sichuan veg 

6 x large prawns 

Oyster sauce

Australian celery

2 x frogs

Punnet of button mushrooms


Spring onions

Tua cai 

Dried shrimps 

Chinese scallops

Hakka rice wine 

Chinese sausages


Chicken stock

1 x snapper

Medium onions


Light soya sauce
Ah forget it lah. Eat Out Better.