Honey Velvet


Honey Velvet

I am not usually a fan of sweet stuff. But I felt an urge for yoghurt and so I queued and ordered a honey and velvet from Milk and Honey from basement of Raffles City. I must say it was a very pretty dessert and it satisfied my craving.

It’s a chick thing but I actually like it. Going at $6.80 a cup for one of their standard mix and toppings, I got mine after a ntuc card discount of 10%. Not bad, and tasted fantastic. Simple yoghurt with the addition of traditional items that you wouldn’t usually put if you ate at some other place.

Very nice.

6 Day Itinerary to Hong Kong


6 Day Itinerary to Hong Kong

Here’s my no frills guide to Hong Kong. My biased opinion of course, my own perspectives and thoughts. You can take away my experiences and make them your own or you can walk through my lenses and see Hong Kong the way I see it.

Pre Trip Prep

Book a hotel that is reasonably comfy. We chose Nathan Hotel because it is big. The king size bed is always a better option then anything else because we all want to tuck into the same spot and have a good rest. Some hotels don’t have the Super King, so we generally wanted a big bed to rest from all that shopping. We got a suite. So it is really big. Most hotels in hongkong tend to be small. Limited land, limited choice.

Nathan Hotel is unfortunately old, but most established hotels in Hong Kong are old anyway. The more important thing is they just recently renovated their rooms, and it is by far one of the more technologically advanced hotels around. You can check out others, but Nathan’s average rooms were already big.

Book whatever touristy attractions online if you can. Ocean Park, Disneyland and Tram Tickets up to Victoria Peak are cheaper online. I don’t know how they do it, but it is just cheaper and more convenient to buy online than to be present at the ticketing counter and queuing. If you got kids, and I have a kid, then you would want to plan Ocean Park and Disneyland into your trip. Don’t do them back to back. It can be quite a killer. A lot of walking.

Fly SQ, or fly Cathay. If you got to choose between the two, take Cathay for the experience. Take SQ for the punctuality.


Hong Kong taxis are metered, and they are categorised into how far they can go. The red ones are the urban taxis, so these are the ones that we would usually take. There are the green ones, which we didn’t bother because it didn’t apply to us. There is usually a chart at the airport just before the taxi queues at the exit for you to get a sensing of how much it would cost you. That is just a guide.

You got to factor in the fact that there is a toll charge of HK20-30, depending on which toll you go through. There is also the

Day 1.

Usually the first day is wasted on admin, check into hotel, etc. So you generally want to roam around the hotel and orientate yourself. If you have friends, meet for dinner.

Day 2.

Ocean park. That takes an entire day. Do dinner at one of the many restaurants.

Take a train to Admiralty train station, then take a bus to Ocean Park. Follow the signs, you cant go wrong. The bus to Ocean Park takes 30 minutes.

Day 3.

Free and easy. Do a Jenny Bakery queue experience. Lunch with some friends or somewhere. Or go shopping around Tsim sha tsui area. Early evening go meet tour guide and go Victoria peak. Cheaper to book online and cut short waiting time.

Dinner at the peak.

Day 4.

Disneyland. You can take a train there.

Day 5.

City gate shopping Or mongkok shopping. Lunch with friends. More shopping. Dinner with friends. Then more shopping.

Day 6.

Prepare to go home.