Fighting the email monster

“It’s fierce.” Those are the words of a seasoned traveler. And it doesn’t wait for you to touch down. It just keeps coming until your email quota bursts.

Speak Right

Speaking right is important because it shows your beliefs and your stand on matters arising. Furthermore, the odds of you saying the wrong things are also lowered.

So what happens when you have to mix with people who have different values or beliefs from you? Well, there is such a thing as non-conforming, and keeping to a standard.

So if my friends swear, I would usually not participate. Why not you might say? Why yes is what I would say. Simple reason is I have very little compulsion to swear.

The fact is, I use my mouth to praise Jesus. And I use it to speak good things. So to use it to swear, is not very smart in my opinion. Anyway, your choice.

Being Sick

When you’re sick, it messes with you. My mind loses reality and all that self-condemnation and fear gets intermingled with the fake reality that messes up our confidence in Jesus.

Yet, the reality is, our standing in Jesus has not changed, but our perception of reality has become somewhat warped due to the emotional imbalance of being sick. Our mind loses control of our bodies. We become enslaved to the running nose and itchy skin and woozy feeling of drowsiness. The meds meant to help you are partly causing you to hallucinate and messes up your thoughts.

I know when I get well, my thoughts will be calibrated and my mind in its right place – with Jesus. The beauty of not being in the right state of emotional wellness, Jesus is there with us all the way. Keeping us safe and sound, like now, in my state of semi consciousness I am conscious of my standing in Christ.

Eat Out Better

Eat Out Better

These days I haven’t had the inspiration to cook, partly because by the time I get back, it is already that kind of timing. Fighting rush hour, fighting time, fighting other rush hour commuters fighting you. 

By the time I am back I have no time to ponder and consider what I need or want to cook for the night. No time for Creative inspired ideas. It’s straight into the OR (operating room) and start washing, chopping, cutting and drying the ingredients. 

So I thought I should plan my menu way ahead, separate the Creative process and give it the space that it needs. Plan simple; cook simple and maybe in the process save some money. 

Here goes:



Dishes: abc soup, tua cai & snapper

Ingredients: 1 x corn, 1 x carrot, 2 medium tomatoes, 250 grams ribs, 1 x tua cai, garlic, dried shrimps, 1 x snapper, ginger, chicken stock, leeks, onions, chinese sausages, hakka wine


Dishes: kiam chye duck soup, minced pork with sichuan veg, fried egg with scallops

Ingredients: half a duck, tomatoes, preserved plums, kiam chye, 3 x tomatoes, ginger, garlic, minced pork, sichuan veg, eggs, chinese scallops


Dishes: stir fry frogs, sautéed mushrooms, celery & minced pork, prawns in tomato sauce

Ingredients: 2 x frogs, spring onions, ginger, oyster sauce, sesame seed oil, cornstarch, button mushrooms, minced pork, Australian celery, large prawns, tomato ketchup, garlic

Shopping list:

1 x corn

1 x carrot

5 x tomatoes

250 grams pork ribs

Half a duck

500 grams kiam chye 

Preserved plums 

500 grams ginger

500 grams garlic

Tomato ketchup 

$5 minced pork

Sichuan veg 

6 x large prawns 

Oyster sauce

Australian celery

2 x frogs

Punnet of button mushrooms


Spring onions

Tua cai 

Dried shrimps 

Chinese scallops

Hakka rice wine 

Chinese sausages


Chicken stock

1 x snapper

Medium onions


Light soya sauce
Ah forget it lah. Eat Out Better.

This is the story of the little boy 

This is the story of the little boy and his power ranger toy and the other toy which I can’t be bothered to remember. So anyway, he was playing with this other toy so much that he neglected the power ranger toy that was in his hands. 

The question was what was so fascinating about the power ranger toy that he needed it and why did he needed the other toy?

No one knows. 

Julie Julia and Me

Julie Julia and Me

I hesitated too much, way too much for my own good. And when it is time to act, the opportunity is often over and the moment has passed. One of the reasons why I started this food blog was the movie Julie Julia featuring Amy and Meryl. I totally loved the story, and it resonated well with my passion of cooking.

And then I thought, “why not write a food blog”, and chronicle my experiences as a servant-less home cook, trying out recipes and venturing to make them my own. It will be all about my journey in the kitchen, preparing and cooking wonderful dishes.

Each time I watch re-runs of the movie Julie Julia, I am instantly inspired, happy, and at peace with myself. And I am reminded of why I often end my recipes with the classic “Bon Appetit!” – as Julia would say. Looking back in retrospect, I am indeed deeply inspired by the movie more than the book.



Nothing Beats Ink and Paper (Musing)


Nothing Beats Ink and Paper (Musing)

That’s right. To be able to write words with ugly handwriting is a forgotten pleasure. To write wrong words and crossing cancelling striking them out, a rare luxury.

No spell check typos. Just plain ugly handwriting. No backspace delete or spacebar tabs. Just printed ink on parchment. Truly a delight. Nothing beats ink and paper.

The Value of Being Random

There is nothing more satisfying than the ability to be random. That being said and done, of course it takes certain genius and much effort to be consistently random. Plus, you would need to have the all sensitive element of time as well. That is well and truly challenging.