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  1. Charmaine

    Hey, cornflakes may not be the that ideal as a breakfast food… its a very GMO food and also bad for your arteries!

    “While I was on a health & wellness retreat in Costa Rica the other week, I ended up doing some in-depth nutrition counseling for several attendees…

    It was a lot of fun to help out these people and it reminded me of how confused most people are about nutrition these days. I think sometimes many of us that have been living and breathing true healthy nutrition for years often forget that most people are frustrated and confused about a lot of nutrition details because maybe they haven’t studied nutrition for very long or just can’t decipher the truth amongst so many “experts” out there that contradict each other.

    During the consultation that I did with the attendees, here were a few topics that I noticed that they were very confused about, or haven’t even really heard any true research about these topics, and only hear marketing propaganda from giant food companies and the media:

    1. They had no idea about the detriments of eating too much wheat, corn, and other grains. In fact, they thought “whole grains” were healthy (which is not always true, and highly dependent on the type, such as wheat vs buckwheat as an example).

    They even purposely included cereal as their main breakfast each morning and even occasionally had cereal as their dinner. They also frequently ate a lot of bread on a daily basis in the form of sandwiches, hot pockets, burritos, crackers, and other wheat-based junk foods… all of this high quantity of daily bread and other wheat was causing them some serious gut health issues and auto-immune problems, as well as major blood sugar problems.

    If you didn’t already know, here are 11 reasons why wheat is terrible for you.

    And for more evidence, I have another article showing proof that corn flakes actually DAMAGE your arteries (studies referenced on that page)

    2. A second thing that I noticed during my consultation with the attendees was that they had been drinking a LOT of fruit juices and sodas. Now they certainly understood that sugar is bad for you. But they didn’t seem to understand HOW BAD it really is. They seemed to be under the assumption that as long as they exercised enough to burn off the calories from the sugary drinks, that the sugar ingestion wasn’t so bad.


    Sugar is absolutely terrible for your body regardless of how much you exercise. Elevated blood sugar levels increase glycation in your body and AGE your cells faster, making you look and feel older, and causing inflammation throughout your body. Repeated abuse of your blood sugar controlling organs (your pancreas) also leads to type 2 diabetes over time, and this can be caused by eating/drinking too much sugar as well as too much starchy grains, some of which are equally disastrous for your blood sugar.

    This next article contains a popular video clip from 60 Minutes showing how sugar can CAUSE cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more.

    3. A third thing that I noticed during my consultation with the attendees was that they didn’t fully understand that fats can be perfectly healthy for you… They understood that “some” fats were okay such as nuts and avocados, but they seemed under the impression that animal fats and dairy fat were somehow “bad”… they kept stressing during our review of their current diet how they drink “skim” milk, and eat “fat free” yogurt, but they didn’t realize that they’re actually causing more health problems by avoiding the fat in dairy, as dairy fat has been shown to PROTECT your arteries and make fat loss EASIER.

    And as you may have heard, the scientific community is finally starting to admit that they’ve been wrong about saturated fats for decades now.”

    And here’s more info… very lengthy but worth a read:

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